Preserving History

Through the Paranormal

Hanover Tavern
January 21 & 22, 2022

The ParaCon

One Day of Exploration
Two Nights of Investigating
January 22, 2022
11:00 am
to 7:00pm

Whether you've joined us at the Hanover Tavern before, or this will be your first time exploring this beautiful building, welcome to the Hanover Tavern ParaCon!

We're going to have a jam-packed weekend of Paranormal fun and learning. You'll be among some of the most selfless and knowledgeable individuals, groups, teams, and organizations within the Paranormal. This event is about coming together as a community to unite under one roof; historical preservation. 

100% of the proceeds from the Hanover Tavern ParaCon will be going directly to the Hanover Tavern Foundation, with the intent and purpose to support the Foundation in their continued efforts of restoration of the Tavern and the educational programming they create for all. Historic sites are a beacon of knowledge and provide opportunities for growth; not only for the paranormal field, but also the community at large.

Join us as we rally around the Hanover Tavern to support these endeavors, and find yourself part of something bigger than any single one of us.

Itinerary of Events

Friday Night Fright - January 21

  •  7PM - 9PM - Macabre Tales From Hanover to Richmond

    • Join Haunts of Richmond's Chris & Beth Houlihan for Macabre Tales from Hanover to Richmond (and Beyond), a 3-Course Dinner accompanied by tales of the macabre - from right here in our own back yard!

  • 9PM - 12AM - VIP Paranormal Investigation

    • Join The Ghost Finders, The Sisterhood of Magick & Wonders, and seasoned investigators from Haunts of Richmond, Transcend Paranormal, & CPRI for an investigation of the Hanover Tavern, Old Stone Jail, Historic Courthouse, and Hanover Library.

Saturday - January 22

  • 11AM - 7PM - Hanover Tavern ParaCon

    • 11:00AM: ​Opening Remarks & History of Hanover Tavern, David Deal & Steve Dills

    • 12:00PM: Carson Hudson: Witchcraft in Colonial Virginia

    • 1:00PM: Bill & Kris Reap

    • 2:00PM: Steve Dills "Hauntings & History - Partners in Time"

    • 3:00PM: Gallery Reading by The Sisterhood of Magick & Wonders

    • 4:00PM: Jack Trammel: "Cold Hands, Warm Heart: The Relationship Between Temperature Change & Anomaly"

    • 5:00PM: Paranormal Panel Discussion

      • Moderated by Brad Bradley ​

      • Panelists: Allen Marston, Katie Leigh, Mandie Clairmont, Chris Vaughn,  Donald Molnar, & Jack Trammel

    • 6:00PM: The Ghost Finders

  • 7:30PM: Dinner with the Guest Speakers, Transcend Paranormal, & Investigators

  • 10:00PM - 2:00AM: Investigation with the Guest Speakers, Transcend Paranormal, & Investigators

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About Hanover Tavern

For nearly three centuries, the Hanover Tavern has been a part of events that transformed America from an English colony into an independent nation. The owners, guests, and inhabitants of the Tavern have shaped the history of Hanover County, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the United States of America.

A license for a tavern at the Hanover Courthouse was first issued in 1733, where our history begins. This first Tavern played host to many historical figures; George Washington, Patrick Henry, Marquis de Lafayette, Lord Cornwallis, P.T. Barnum, and even Edgar Allen Poe. 

The existing Hanover Tavern is the second; the first was a small one-story building, with not much else known. In 1791, the new Tavern was built, with additions in the 1820's, 1830's, and finally, the 1990's. During the Civil War, the Hanover Tavern was utilized by both Union and Confederate troops, as well as a number of refugees. 

In the 1950's, six actors, two children, a dog, and two pigs moved into the Hanover Tavern and transformed it from ruins into the nation's first dinner theater. The Barksdale Theatre was born, and operated for many years. Through-out this time, the building had many uses - a community center, a theater, a hotel, apartments, and more. 

In the 1990's, the Hanover Tavern Foundation formed and purchased the Tavern. After extensive renovations, the Tavern re-opened for guests, and it wasn't long until stories began permeating the atmosphere. Tales of the paranormal spread through Tavern staff, guests, and the community.


 In 2012, Transcend Paranormal was called in to investigate these claims. Over the years, they have documented some of the most prominent and interesting paranormal phenomena of the building and surrounding buildings. Now, we want you to join us.

With so much history packed into this building, has every guest that checked into the Hanover Tavern truly checked out?

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Square Feet
Years of History

Special Guests

A Compendium of Paranormal Speakers, Presenters, & Guests
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Check out some of the great Vendors that will be on-site for the Hanover Tavern ParaCon!
Food and Beverage will be available from the Hanover Tavern!
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Tickets & Packages

We've created a number of packages and opportunities to join us for the Hanover Tavern ParaCon! Whether you want to come for just Friday Night, enjoy the ParaCon on Saturday, or join in on all of the festivities, we've got something for everyone! 

General Admission: $10

You'll have access to the Hanover Tavern ParaCon, Vendor Building, Guest Speaker Presentations and Q&A, and access to the Hanover Tavern and Grounds!

Saturday Night Investigation: $65

Join us on Saturday Night as we investigate the Hanover Tavern and surrounding historical buildings! You'll be joining all of our Guest Speakers and Transcend Paranormal as we investigate claims of the paranormal. What better way to wrap up a ParaCon than to investigate the location afterwards?

Saturday Night Dinner: $20

Join the Hanover Tavern ParaCon guest speakers, Transcend Paranormal, and other paranormal investigators for dinner! This is a great opportunity to hang out with everyone and chat about the paranormal - or anything else on your mind! A menu will be specially prepared for this evening. The cost includes soft-drinks and taxes!

Saturday VIP Package: $90

Looking to experience everything that the Hanover Tavern ParaCon has to offer? Look no further! The VIP Package grants you access to the Hanover Tavern ParaCon, Vendor Building, Guest Speaker Presentations and Q&A, access to the Hanover Tavern Grounds, Dinner with the Investigators and Guest Speakers on Saturday Night, and access to investigate the Hanover Tavern and historic buildings on Saturday Night! You're getting everything the Hanover Tavern ParaCon has to offer!

Friday Night Fright: $75

Kick off the ParaCon early with Friday Night Fright! First, join Haunts of Richmond for a 3-Course Dinner accompanied by tales of the macabre - from right here in our own back yard! Then, get ready as we investigate the Hanover Tavern, Old Stone Jail, Historic Courthouse, and Library alongside seasoned investigators and ParaCon guest speakers!


Would you like to join us and set up a booth at the Hanover Tavern ParaCon? Contact us today! We are allowing a very limited amount of Vendors to join us and setup for Saturday! Email us today at if you wish to be part of the ParaCon! We'll chat about the options you have to join us - including a special VIP Package for Vendors only!

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